Dia De Los Ninos, Farmersville – 04/29/18

Great event put on by the Tulare-Kings Hispanic Chamber in Farmersville today. BIG Thank You to my friend, neighbor and volunteer, Carmelo Ruiz for helping me out all day! 😀 We got so many compliments on our booth and people thanked us for being there. An older man told me about how his ex girfriend had an abortion when she was 3 months pregnant. He said he’s never forgotten and it was more than 25 years ago. Today, he saw for the first time what a preborn child looks like at 3 months and it only confirmed what he’s felt all this time, that “it was already a baby”. I spoke to a young woman who was sadly, in the process of miscarrying and several women who are pregnant and were in awe of the fetal models. There is so much more I could say about today. I just feel so blessed that people open up their hearts to a complete stranger. Let us all be a safe place for people to share their stories. ❤ ~ Mari Lupercio, Latinos4Life