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TKRL volunteer at fair display re. life issues and abortion facts.When it comes to abortion and other life issues, are you confused by half-truths, distortions, and outright lies?  You won’t get that here!  Tulare-Kings Right to Life tells the truth — the whole truth — and nothing but the truth.

People promoting terrible positions — which results in the deliberate death of innocent human beings — have to hide behind half-truths, distortions, and lies.

Because we come down on the side of life, we don’t have to whitewash anything. We don’t have to lie.

We shine the bright light of truth on all life issues. Not just abortion, but also infanticide, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research.

Located in Visalia, California, Tulare-Kings Right to Life is a part of the largest local pro-life organization west of the Mississippi. We are supported by over 4,500 volunteers and donors.

Since our founding around a kitchen table in 1985, we have become known throughout Tulare and Kings County for reliable and personally helpful information about life issues.

Local press has called Tulare-Kings Right to Life a “pervasive presence” in the community. We are vocal, visible, and active in the community and that is a powerful deterrent to abortion providers. They know they would have a strong adversary should they try to locate an abortion clinic in Tulare and Kings Counties.

Although we work with and enjoy the support of many local churches, we are not affiliated with any denomination or political party.

Please feel free to contact us directly for further information. We’re here to help you!

(TKRL) is a community benefit organization dedicated to reviving a culture where all human life is valued and protected. Educating the community on abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and other actions that deny human dignity, we uphold and support the value of human life regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, religion, whether born or unborn. 

The IRMA Network is the after-abortion outreach program at TKRL. IRMA stands for “I Regret My Abortion.” We develop and maintain a network of trained individuals to assist in healing the trauma and guilt that often result after having an abortion.

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Latinos4Life is TKRL’s Hispanic and bilingual outreach program that works to increase education and communication among young people and families on topics such as dating and relationships, sex, pregnancy and abortion.

Voices for Life is our youth and young adult outreach program that works to equip young people with skills, resources, and courage to develop their voice in a society that lacks respect for human life.

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