Meet Our Staff

Ann Marie Paden
Executive Director of TKRL

Ann Marie Paden is a proud wife and mother of 8 children, 2 in heaven. Ann Marie is post-abortive and healed by the grace of God; a pro-life speaker, writer, YouTuber and founder of The Visitation Ministry, which serves to facilitate women’s spiritual health. She is a Certified Fertility Care Practitioner at Kings County Fertility Care Center, and for 12 years has assisted women and client couples with infertility, miscarriage and hormonal issues. As a CFCP, she teaches women to understand the authentic language of their body and collaborates with NaPro doctors who specialize in women’s reproductive health. She served as a TKRL board member for 4 years prior to becoming the Program Coordinator for Kings County, has volunteered in various pro-life activities with TKRL, her Church and wherever God has called her to witness for life. She desires to serve the community and foster the Culture of Life.

Brenda Fernandes
Executive Assistant