Voices for Life

Voices For Life is a pro-life outreach, which seeks to bring Revelation, Education, and Mobilization to the youth of Tulare and Kings Counties. It is our vision, to Reveal the truth about abortion to the next generation; so that they may see abortion for what it is, the taking of an innocent human life. We seek to Educate the youth, growing in them a desire and ability to share their views in a confident and compelling way. After which, we want to Mobilize the youth to be a voice for the voiceless; to be bold, loving, and active in their community, so that we can cultivate a culture of respect for all human life.

We want to speak to the value of life in all stages. We are actively pursuing this goal by getting on high school campuses, starting Students For Life clubs on local college campuses, speaking with various groups and being active in the internet community, such as Facebook and YouTube. We take care to speak with any person who is willing to have a dialogue with us and treat everyone with respect, no matter what his or her views may be. It is through the consistency of our message and the care for the individual that we hope to help change the normalization of abortion.