Pregnant? Looking for Abortion Information? Or Other Options?

Woman showing fetal development at pro-life display.

Abortion Information
When you’re pregnant, scared, and uncertain what to do, abortion might seem like the easiest solution. Before making a decision that will impact you for the rest of your life, it’s important to get accurate abortion information. Remember, no one has the right to pressure or force you into having an abortion. The organizations below, while not referring for abortion, will give you accurate information regarding the procedure.

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Adoption Information
You may have heard that this is “giving up” your baby, but today’s adoption isn’t what it used to be! Now you can choose to remain in contact with your child, watching him or her grow up to succeed and achieve. Birth moms can even pick a family for their child’s placement to ensure their son or daughter will have the best adoptive family possible! Many birth moms who decide their financial or living situation is inadequate to raise a baby find adoption to be a very rewarding choice. Most birth moms go on to complete their education and live a successful life!

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Parenting Information
If you choose to parent, even though you’re not sure you can afford it, we’re here to refer you to resources that will help you including prenatal care, parenting classes, community resources, and more.