2nd & 3rd graders, St. Ritas, Tulare - 02/04/2019

20190204 2nd & 3rd Graders, St.Ritas, Tulare

2nd & 3rd graders, St. Ritas, Tulare – 02/04/2019

February 4th I did a presentation for 2nd & 3rd grade students in Tulare. Imagine! 7 & 8 year olds learning about the miracle of life before birth. They learned many new words and definitions including umbilical cord, placenta, uterus, vernix, ultrasound and amniotic sac. They had lots of questions and comments and it was so much fun! I played a beautiful Dr. Seuss inspired video and they all read along. Imagine if every child grew up knowing and understanding the truth about human life. How much better would this world be? #LifeIsPrecious #StartYoung – Mari Lupercio, Latinos4Life 


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