Day one of Project Truth on campus went really well. It was a quiet and peaceful day and we were glad the rain held off! Thank you Sierra Seaward for coming out! We had really good conversations with both pro-life and pro-choice students, including one young man who thought that life in the womb didn’t begin until the fetus’ body took shape and had


a heartbeat (in the 3rd trimester.) We shared a few facts about early human development and showed him pictures and fetal models. He was surprised and intrigued and told us he “had no idea”. Several students didn’t know that abortions were performed after 3 months of pregnancy and one young lady I spoke to said: “I think you’ve changed my mind.”

Please keep our team in prayer for the 2nd and final day of Project Truth tomorrow. And feel free to join us if you’re in the area or on campus! #ProjectTruth #TouchHearts #ChangeMinds #SaveLives