St. Catherines, Dinuba – 01/25/19 

St. Catherines, Dinuba – 01/25/19 

Last Friday was incredible and I am still feeling deeply moved.

Heres why: (Lengthy but please read)

Every year, the Spanish young adult group at St. Catherine’s in Dinuba invites me to speak before going to the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco. This year, Yolanda personally invited me to come and support her as she did the Pro-Life presentation herself. She spent 3 months researching and preparing for it!

In her presentation, she covered Church teaching on abortion (including the Lords mercy and forgiveness) types of abortions, reasons women give for choosing abortion and even refuted the most common pro-choice arguments, one by one. One in particular literally made me cry…

Yolanda shared that many unborn babies who are diagnosed with disabilities end up being aborted because doctors claim that they will have a slim to none chance of having a good “quality of life”.

Yolanda begs to differ. She is a strong, intelligent and faith-filled young woman who also happens to have a disability. She has to do things differently but that does not stop her from living and loving her life. And although she has a harder time speaking than most of us, she is a powerful voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

I feel incredibly proud and blessed to have witnessed her stand up and speak up for life.

Yolanda, you are a precious gift. THANK YOU for being a defender of the most vulnerable, defenseless and innocent members of our human family, the unborn. God bless you.  – Mari Lupercio, Latinos4Life 20


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